Luggage Leash GPS Luggage Locator and Tracker

Luggage Leash GPS Luggage Locator and Tracker


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Luggage Leash
GPS Luggage Locator and Tracker
Code: 10001

More than 26 million suitcases go missing each year - don't let yours be one of them. With Luggage Leash, no matter how far away you travel, your baggage is always close by. Hide the device anywhere in your luggage, connect it to the App via your Smartphone, and give yourself the added knowledge that your bag is secure. Using Bluetooth technology, you will receive alerts to tell you when your bag is removed from your vicinity without your consent. You can track its whereabouts, and assist in its retrieval.

Dimensions (cm): 3.1 x 0.6
Manufacturing Warranty: 1 Year

Main features of the Luggage Leash include:

  • Hide the leash anywhere in your luggage
  • Track your Luggage and recover it through the use of our Bluetooth technology
  • Smart and unnoticeable
  • Download the app to your smartphone to become part of the worldwide community
  • Battery lasts 2-3 years in deactivated mode or 3-6 months in constant use
  • No matter how far away you travel your luggage is always close by
  • Prevents luggage being lost or stolen
  • Waterproof and dust proof




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