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Global Travel Products

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Edge India Adaptor

India Adaptor
Code: EAIN

- Accepts Australian appliances
- For small pinned India plugs
- Works in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka


Balanzza Mini USB Scale

Rechargeable Baggage Scale
Code: BZ400USB

- Easy to read, large display
- Switches easily from lbs and kgs
- No batteries required

Includes Free Delivery*


Global Travel Dual European Travel Adaptor

Euro International Travel Adaptor
Code: EA2EU

- Accepts two Australian appliances
- For Europe, Bali, etc.
- Built in surge protection


Edge Travel TSA Combination Lock

TSA Combination Luggage Lock
Code: 15LCL10*

- Travel SentryTM certified
- Strong, sturdy and secure
- Four-step simple instructions

From $15.95

Edge Travel Luggage Strap

Nylon Luggage Strap
Code: 14LST18*

- Super-strong nylon webbing
- Easy-to-use, adjustment bindings
- Fits around any standard size suitcase


Edge Travel TSA Keyed Lock

TSA Approved Keyed Lock
Code: 15LKL12*

- Travel SentryTM certified
- Strong, sturdy and secure
- 2 identical keys

From $10.95

Edge Travel Smiley Face Luggage Tags

Face Luggage tags
Code: 16LTG10***

- Large 3" round luggage tags
- Space for contact informaiton
- Makes luggage easy to identify


Edge Travel Emergency Poncho

Clear Hooded Poncho
Code: 21WPP101CL

- Thick clear waterproof material
- Extremely light weight
- 95cm in length


Edge Travel Clip Safe

Travel Money Pouch
Code: 19MBS15***

- Hidden credit card pouch
- Single zipper closure
- Strong and durable clip


Edge Travel Leg Safe

Money Storage
Code: 19MBS171TN

- Elasticised straps with grip tabs
- Three seperate zipped pockets
- Hidden credit card compartment


Edge Travel Toothbrush Covers

Travel Toothbrush Covers
Code: 23THP141WH

- Pack of three white covers
- Sized to fit most toothbrushes
- Helps keep toothbrush hygenic


Edge Travel Indian Adaptor

Indian Travel Adaptor with USB

- For India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka
- Accepts 2 or 3 pin appliances
- USB charging outlet


Global Travel UK Adaptor

UK travel adaptor
Code: EAUK

- Accepts Australian & NZ appliances
- For some Dubai, HK, UK, Africa
- Grounding pin


TamperTell Deluxe Tags

Deluxe Luggage Security Seals
Code: TDLUX20

- 20 seals per pack
- Tamper evident security seals
- Break-off receipt tab


Global Travel Adaptor Set

UK, Europe and US travel adaptor

- Set includes 3 adaptors
- Accepts Australian plugs
- Does not convert voltage


Global Travel USA Adaptor

USA Travel Adaptor
Code: EAUS

- For Canada, America and some Asia
- Accepts Australian plugs
- Does not convert voltage


RFID Passport Sleeve

Edge Travel RFID Passport Sleeve

- RFID protection
- Water resistant
- FIPS 201 approved


Edge Travel Flower Luggage Tags

PVC Flower Luggage Tags
Code: 16LTG20*

- Easily attach to luggage
- Durable PVC prevents damage
- Holds standard sized business card


Edge Travel Sani Seat

10 Pack - Sani Seat
Code: 23THP132NA

- Sanitised
- Biodegradable
- Purse size pack


Edge Travel 4 Pack Luggage Locks

Pack of 4 Locks
Code: 15LKL14*

- Keyed alike
- Brightly coloured for identification
- Made from sturdy brass


Edge Travel South Africa Adaptor

Travel Adaptor for South Africa
Code: EASI

- For South Africa, some India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka
- Accepts Australian and NZ plugs
- 3 Large pins


Global Travel Neck and Head Rest Pillow

Inflatable Travel Pillow
Code: 18TRP121GY

- Made from an inflatable soft vinyl
- Can be used for back support
- Includes a pair of earplugs


Global Travel UK Adaptor with USB outlet

UK Adaptor with USB Port

- For UK, parts of Asia and Africa
- Accepts Australian and NZ plugs
- Does not convert voltage


Global Travel USA USB Travel Adapter

USB Adaptor with USB Outlet

- Accepts Australian appliances
- For USA, Japan, parts of South America etc.
- USB port


Global Travel Deluxe Reverse Adaptor

Universal Reverse Adaptor

- For use in Australia
- Converts USA, UK, Europe
- USB port


Edge Travel EADR

Deluxe Reverse Adaptor
Code: EADR

- Surge protection
- For use in Australia
- Converts USA, UK, Europe


Global Travel Sani Seat

Travel Toilet Seat Covers - 20 Pack
Code: 23THP131NA

- 20 pack
- Sanitised
- Biodegradable


Edge Travel Reverse Adaptor with USB

Reverse Adaptor with USB

- Surge protected
- For use in Australia
- For plugs from USA, Europe & Asia


Global Travel Waistsafe Deluxe Money Belt

Deluxe Money Belt
Code: 19MBS13*

- Zipper pockets with security flaps
- Internal credit card pouch
- Adjustable elastic waist band 


Edge Travel EASAUSB

Adaptor with USB Port

- For use in South Africa and India
- Accepts Australian appliances
- USB charging port


Sansai Travel Adaptor STV-13

South Africa Travel Adaptor
Code: STV-13

- For Australian appliances
- For use in South Africa
- Does not convert voltage


Edge Travel UK Double Adapter

UK Double Adapter
Code: EA2UK

- For travel to UK, HK & more
- Accpets 2 Australian appliances
- Does not convert volatge


Edge Travel 18TRP140BK Pillow

Memory Foam Neck Pillow
Code: 18TRP140BK

- Built in storage bag
- Rolls up to compact size
- Removable cover